(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
n. fury, frenzy, wrath, violence; fashion, fad, craze. See desire. —v. i. storm, rave, bluster.
(Roget's IV) n.
1. [Violent anger]
Syn. fury, wrath, ferocity; see anger .
2. [A fit of anger]
Syn. frenzy, tantrum, uproar, paroxysm, hysterics, explosion, storm, outburst, spasm, convulsion, fit, eruption, furor, passion, excitement, extreme agitation, madness, vehemence, fury, rampage, huff, wrath, raving, towering rage, choler, spleen, ire, resentment, bitterness, acerbity, gall, ferment, acrimony, irritation, animosity, exasperation, indignation, heat, temper, umbrage, squall, blowup*, apoplexy*, fireworks*, conniption*, conniption fit*, hemorrhage*; see also fit 2 .
3. [The object of enthusiasm and imitation]
Syn. fad, trend, style, mode, fashion, vogue, craze, mania, the last word, the latest, the latest thing*, the in thing*, the newest wrinkle*; see also fad .
all the rage,
Syn. modish, in style, in vogue, much in demand; see fashionable , popular 1 .
See Synonym Study at anger , fashion . v.
1. [To give vent to anger]
Syn. rant, fume, rave, storm, yell, scream, rant and rave, lose one's temper, foam, splutter, flame, roar, rail, boil, boil over, shake, quiver, fulminate, seethe, shout, scold, have a tantrum, explode, run amok, run riot, rampage, fly apart, flare up, blow up, blaze up, flame up, fire up, bristle up, carry on, go on, show violent anger, act with fury, be violently agitated, bluster, be furious, get mad, get sore, anger, be livid, fret, chafe, work oneself into a sweat*, go berserk*, go through the roof*, hit the ceiling*, go into a tailspin*, have a fit, have a conniption fit*, blow one's top*, breathe fire and fury*, go on the warpath*, go on the rampage*, put one's fur up*, gnash one's teeth*, raise Cain*, raise the devil*, take on*, throw a fit*, go into orbit*, fly out*, fly off the handle*, fly into a passion*, vent one's spleen*, stamp with rage, look black, snap at, run mad, raise a storm, bridle up, blow a fuse*, get hot under the collar*, fly off at a tangent*, cut loose*, have a hemorrhage*, get one's gorge up*, get one's back up*, foam at the mouth*, make a fuss over*, kick up a row*, have a nervous breakdown*, let off steam*, look daggers*, get oneself into a lather*, lose one's head*, flip out*, flip one's lid*.
Ant. be calm, calm down, pout.
2. [To be out of control]
Syn. storm, overflow, break out, erupt, explode, flare, roar; see also burn 1 , run 1 .
3. [To become insane]
Syn. go crazy, go insane, go mad, become mentally ill, take leave of one's senses, run amok, crack up*, go nuts*, go haywire*, go balmy*, go loony*, break down*, go off the deep end*, flip out*; see also crack up 2 .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus)
1. fury anger, wrath, tantrum, fit, ferocity, high dudgeon, hysterics, rampage, furor, *piss hemorrhage, uproar, hot blood. see anger
2. fad craze, *in thing, fashion, *lat-est thing, *latest wrinkle, vogue, dernier cri.
ANT.: 1. delight, calm, passivity
*blow up, *explode, *go ballistic, be furious, fume, rant and rave, *fly offthe handle, *blow a fuse, boil, *blow one's top, become livid, *turn purple, *spit tacks, *see red, *blow a gasket, *flip out, *get into a lather, *get one's Irish up, *go apeshit, *have a conniption fit, storm.
(Roget's Thesaurus II) I noun 1. Violent or unrestrained anger: furor, fury, irateness, ire, wrath, wrathfulness. See FEELINGS. 2. A subject or activity that inspires lively interest: craze, enthusiasm, mania, passion. See CONCERN. 3. The current custom: craze, fad, fashion, furor, mode, style, trend, vogue. Informal: thing. Idioms: the in thing, the last word, the latest thing. See STYLE, USUAL. II verb To be or become angry: anger, blow up, boil over, bristle, burn, explode, flare up, foam, fume, seethe. Informal: steam. Idioms: blow a fuse, blow a gasket, blow one's stack (or top), breathe fire, fly off the handle, get hot under the collar, hit the ceiling (or roof), lose one's temper, see red. See FEELINGS.

English dictionary for students. 2013.

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